FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I submit articles to Upbeat Times?

A: You can send articles up to 400 words give or take. You can send to  pad@upbeattimes.com and  they cannot be sales articles. They should be educational, informational, fun or positive!
Q: How much does it cost to advertise in Upbeat Times? 
A: It usually depends on how many ads you run and the frequency. Often people want to be in every issue, which is smart becuase you save nearly 40% off regular rate, plus the advertiser gets a bunch of goodies with an agreement in writing! IE: free design, free ad online, free pr space in any issue and a lot more.

Q: How many issues do you print a year?

A: We traditionally print 12 issues a year, always arriving the first of each month, then distributed all Jackson & Josephine Counties in Oregon in 300 + locations. We put between 5 and up to 300 papers per location at most sites.
Q: People get their picture in the paper holding the upbeat times. How can I get mine in Upbeat Times?
A: Take the paper with you on your vacation, daily travels or where-ever you are and try to get the name or monument clearly visible and take your digital picture! That's it. Send it to us via e-mail at  pad@upbeattimes.com as is with up to 150 word desciption of your upbeat time and where you're at!
Q: Can I have a stack of papers delivered to my business?
A: Yes, depending on our workload and what is being requested.
Q: Is Upbeat Times Hiring?
A: Yes, but only for someone who knows how to design & sell ads, without  a salespersons approach. We are looking for someone to find leads ...but anyone can do that. If you recommend someone to advertise and they do, we give a 1 time $40 finders fee!

How Much to Advertise?

Submitting Content to Upbeat

How do I get papers at my Business?

Can I get My Picture in Upbeat?

How often is the paper Printed?

Can I Work For Upbeat Times?

Yes,  Frequently Asked Questions! We get many various questions year round!
Here are the most common. If you have any other questions. please do not hesitate to call us! We are located in Gold Hill, OREGON, USA!
Call us anytime! 541-500-9400

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