July 2017 Upbeat Times
July 2017 Upbeat Times "Where No Bad News is...Good News!"
Santa Rosa, CA. ~ My lungs were being used at full capacity when I  finally ascended Half Dome in Yosemite, California, mid-June of 2017.  Gripping the cables with an iron fist, the last 400 feet tested my exhausted legs, but my will and arms were strong. Nine hours into the hike that began at five a.m. from the 4000 foot base of Yosemite Valley, I finally reached the peak of Half Dome(I woke up at  three a.m. just to get there before the crowds). My legs felt like I had tied lead bricks to them just above my calves and I was only two miles into the hike from the base of Yosemite Valley. My leg muscles were beginning to question what it was I was doing. In 1984, I had backpacked up.....More here!
June 2017 Upbeat Times
Good News June 2017
June 2017 Upbeat Times

Santa Rosa, CA. ~
After 19 years of publishing the Upbeat Times, I have to admit that I’ve found quite a few good usages  for the paper other than reading. Each month, I’m lucky if I get 10-100 returns/left-over copies(and sometimes a few more if they are buried by other local papers, which happens often) from over 1000 distribution locations here in Sonoma County. But, when I do get the returns, I know they go to a good place for sure. One of them is Mel’s Fish & Chips on Hopper Ave in Santa Rosa. Each month we bring a box or more and they use the paper to keep the fish and chips very hot!

   The other day, in my harried state, I left a few  ‘New’ bundles near the back tire of my car. I was going to put them in my trunk later in the morning for restock purposes. Of course I forgot about them. So, when it...More